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Testimonial — Yvonne Napper

Testimonial for Geoffrey Thompson

When I started singing lessons with Geoffrey, I had had very little formal voice training. I had done some singing for pleasure over the years, but I had not experienced much in the way of solid vocal development from the workshops and singing groups I attended.

I came to Geoffrey wanting to explore the range and possibilities of my voice, and I have been amazed by what I have been able to accomplish in the relatively short time (one and a half years) I have been having lessons with him.

Thanks to Geoffrey's skilled teaching and the very effective techniques he uses, I am making sounds and reaching notes I never imagined myself capable of, and a whole new world of music has opened up as a result. I recently started an opera foundation course, and working with singers who use various different approaches has made me appreciate ever more just how good the voice training I get with Geoffrey is.

Geoffrey's depth of understanding of specific, individual vocal problems and habits, and of how to overcome them has enabled me to improve the quality of my voice dramatically. His formidable knowledge, experience and musicianship, together with his enthusiasm, patience and good humour, make for an immensely enjoyable and rewarding singing experience, both in the lessons and beyond them.

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Yvonne Napper

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