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Testimonial — Kim-marie Woodhouse

To whom it may concern,

Mr Geoffrey Thompson has now been my singing teacher for six and a half years. In that time he has improved my vocal technique considerably. Over the time period we have worked on breath technique and quality of sound and my improvement I feel has been great.

I am a Mezzo-Soprano, six years ago I had a working range of between bottom G and a top A, it is now bottom E to B#/C, so has been considerably extended. My technique is now such, that I can sing to an extremely high standard even when overtired or feeling ill. An essential part of being a freelance soloist is to be reliable!

Geoff is in my opinion a teacher of very high calibre. He is amiable, versatile and willing to try several solutions to any one problem to find what suits you best. I have progressed over my time with Geoff from being an extra-chorister to fulltime chorister and for the past year have been employed on principal contract at Opera North. I feel sure that my singing lessons with Geoff have played a large part in the progress of my career and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a teacher.

Kim-marie Woodhouse

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Kim-marie Woodhouse's hand written testimonial
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