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Testimonial — James McOran-Campbell

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I studied under Geoffrey Thompson from early 1996 until September 1998, after which my studies took me first to Italy for two years and then to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for a further year. Geoffrey was my first singing teacher, who helped inspire me to leave my full-time job and pursue an operatic career.

He is a very encouraging teacher to study with, always very professional and reliable, yet with a lightness of touch that made the lessons enjoyable and fun, and something to look forward to. His manner was always very polite yet informal, and although I no longer regularly study with him, he is still a great source of support and advice.

In my singing lessons, he taught me the importance of good breathing and support to the sound, and we did much work on aligning the vowels and finding the appropriate positions for the upper register. He encouraged me to work initially on "voice-doctor" music such as Handel, to help bring elasticity to the voice and breath. We then looked at some Italian repertoire, to encourage the development of correct vowels, and he encouraged me to begin looking at select arias from the larger repertoire, not for performance initially, but to work on as part of my studies.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a singing teacher, as he has a wonderful understanding of the voice and is full of ideas and imagination in his teaching approach.

James McOran-Campbell

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